The History of the Canadian English Centre

Founded in 1995, the Canadian English Centre is the result of the combination of Prof. Ray von Schmalz’s exclusive English-teaching techniques, books, and audio productions, which began to be written in 1987, together with his passion for Canada and its culture. The name of the school was conceived while Prof. Ray von Schmalz was still in Toronto, Ontario, shortly before his return to Brazil.


Escola de Inglês em CuritibaAt first, the Canadian English Centre had just one classroom and our books were typed on an old typewriter, illustrations were drawn by hand, then photocopies were made for the students. The audio part was recorded on cassette tapes.


The creation of our Practice Programs in 1998 made it clear that the students needed some extra space, so in 2001 we opened our Language Laboratory & Study Centre, with custom-made audio booths, CD-players and video classes on VHS. We also hired an educational assistant to help the students.


In 2006, we launched a pilot project, which included training an assistant teacher to help Prof. Ray von Schmalz. In this project, we tested the results of our method in the hands of a different teacher for the first time ever.





Escola de Inglês em CuritibaThe success of this experiment was so astounding that we had to speed up the expansion plans of the school, and build our new school premises at 154, Dr. Lauro Wolff Valente St., in Curitiba, Brazil. Click here for more information on our new premises.


The motto of the Canadian English Centre, "Commitment to Serious Education," has always guided every step we make. For us, the quality of your educational experience will always be more important than any profit.




Escola de Inglês em CuritibaFor this reason, the Canadian English Centre has turned down several offers to become a franchise. We are a school, not a business.


Today the Canadian English Centre has a team of Canadian, American, and Brazilian teachers as well as a team of assistants that attend over 500 students every semester. However, we still have been turning away a large number of applicants every semester who cannot find a seat in our classes due to the great demand for the unequalled results that our programs yield.




Escola de Inglês em CuritibaWe receive emails from all parts of Brazil and from abroad requesting a Canadian English Centre at their location. Although expansion is part of our plans, we understand that it must be done in a gradual manner so that we do not lose our educational quality.


The Canadian English Centre is also working on the development of an online course system, so that students all over the world can benefit from our programs.

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