The Mission of the Canadian English Centre

The Canadian English Centre’s mission is essentially educational, where we dedicate our research and method development efforts to give our students a level of language education that either matches or surpasses the level they would reach in an immersion program in Canada. Our commitment goes beyond the student’s graduation. For this reason, we provide continuous, low-cost, maintenance programs to make sure our students reach their objectives and never stop growing.


The Canadian English Centre also works for the promotion of the English used in Canada, as well as its culture, customs, history, geography, and other values that are present in our books, audio and video materials, and in our school premises. The Canadian English Centre is the major centre for Canadian culture in Brazil. It is also part of our mission to provide sober and realistic guidance to those who want to immigrate to Canada, or simply learn more about the country.


With this objective in mind, we give a special lecture named “This is Canada” in the Stratford Auditorium of our school every semester. This lecture was also given at several other institutions of learning, such as Unibrasil and UTFPR, at no cost.

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