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When I began to study English at the Canadian English Centre, I thought that it would be one more English school in Curitiba city, after all, every English school wants only quantity and not quality, but I was wrong, because here I’ve discovered another world, and the methodology is just the best. I’ve already seen other English materials, but the material of the Canadian English Centre is even better. As to the teachers, I can say they are very dedicated to the students and always fun. When I am entering a class, I feel that I am at a Canadian school. It is so good! I recommend it to everyone who wants to learn English.

João Carlos Claudino (Book 4) - IT Professional at GVT


Since I decided to study at the Canadian English Centre I’ve been learning English as I’ve never learned before. Here I feel I’m really in Canada, because everyone only speaks English all the time and also because of the Canadian culture we learn in each class. For these things and many others I couldn’t list, I love the Canadian English Centre.

Bianca Carrion (Book 2) - Student at Universidade Positivo


Competence, support, knowledge, a pleasant environment, fun and gifted teachers… at the Canadian English Centre I’ll get the tools to open new horizons by mastering the English language and I’ll also make new friends.

Aline Felicia Woitowicz (Book 3) - Student


I love the Canadian English Centre because I love the structure, the method, the teachers, and the friendly environment, and for the fact that you’re only allowed to speak English inside the school and everybody who works here speaks English perfectly… for sure I will, too!

Aline Simonetto do Nascimento (Book 2) - Real Estate Agent at Dimensão Imóveis


I love the Canadian English Centre because this is the only school that really cares about the progress of the students and for this purpose it has developed the best method to learn English.

Pamella Picolotto dos Santos (Book 3) - International Purchaser at Furukawa Industrial S.A.


I’ve been studying at the Canadian English Centre for one year and now I’m able to talk in English without any problems. That’s why I love the Canadian English Centre.

Weslley Yago Leal (Book 3) - Student at the UFPR


I love the Canadian English Centre because when I am in class I forget that I am in Brazil and I feel like I entered an English-speaking world where I can learn, speak, listen and think in English. With all of that, who will need to change?

Lucas André de Carvalho (Book 4) - Student


I love the Canadian English Centre because it’s not just an English school, but a place to be immersed in the Canadian culture. The effort and commitment to quality in education make the Canadian English Centre the BEST English school.

Ingrid Adam (Book 5) - Student of Psychology at the UFSC


I love the Canadian English Centre because that’s Canada’s spirit. Culture, education, honesty and respect in exciting, vibrant and fun classes that leads to learning the most important language to communicate with the world: English! No pain, no gain. Way to go, folks!

Marcelo Kasprzak (Advanced Maintenance) - Writer & Federal Police


The Canadian English Centre is the best place in Curitiba to study and learn English, with terrific teachers in an extremely complete environment, with good classrooms, and a library with lots of books. I tried two franchise schools and these don’t work. Only at the Canadian English Centre I am speaking and learning more and more English.

Augusto Rotondo (Book 3) - Student at Medianeira School 


The Canadian English Centre is a good place to learn English because the classes are cool and fun. This is a peaceful place with nice people and when I finish my course I’ll be speaking English fluently. I love this place.

Vitor Hugo Weber (Canadian Kids Program) - Student at Bagozzi


I love the Canadian English Centre because I think the classes are a lot of fun. I like the time we work in the language lab and each day I learn new things. That’s why I love it very much.

Bianca Corsico de Araújo (Canadian Kids Program) - Student at Santa Maria


At the Canadian English Centre I learn things that I’ll never forget and that’s super important for my personal and professional future. That’s why I love the Canadian English Centre.

Bruna Gomes de Araújo de Oliveira (Canadian Kids Program) - Student at Dom Bosco


I love the Canadian English Centre because in addition to being an excellent school with excellent teachers, it has a different way to teach and we experience a fun way to learn.

Mariana Teobaldo Boschetti (Canadian Kids Program) - Student at Marista Santa Maria


I love the Canadian English Centre because the English classes will help me when I travel and also in my future career. The school also has a different methodology from other schools, and the classes are fun and relaxing.

Vitor Bello Conceição (Canadian Kids Program) - Student at Colégio Social Madre Clélia


I would like to share this information with you and other students. I began learning English at the CEC two years ago and this month I was an applicant for a job opportunity in an enterprise, which is considered one of the best companies to work at. One requirement was fluent English both spoken and written. So, this week I received the great news that I was approved!
I remember your words about learning English: "A good method, a good teacher and a dedicated student." I think this is a proof. I would like to extend my thanks to all the other good teachers and the Canadian English Centre’s support team!!!!

Luis Alberto Gavlovski - Project Coordinator - Teletex



I got to know Ray’s method through a very close friend of mine who had studied at the most renowned English schools in Brazil.
He told me that studying with Ray was the best possible choice to learn English.
I followed his advice and went to talk to Ray. I started at the Canadian Centre in that very same week.
Due to work-related issues, I could study for only nine months at the Canadian English Centre. These nine months gave me enough proficiency to successfully pass several selective processes more than a year after I had left the school.
Through one of these processes I had the opportunity to travel to the US and Europe. My English was never a problem.
I am for sure that the English I learned gave me the edge that I needed.
I strongly recommend the Canadian English Centre to anyone who wants to really learn English. Ray’s passion for teaching English and his manner of conducting his school make all the difference.
I feel very proud to say that today I do speak English and I made a new friend. Thanks Ray for the opportunity to become part of the Canadian English Centre Family.

Anselmo Ressel - Business Intelligence Executive





I have studied at the Canadian English Centre for 2 years and a half. Now I can understand movies and TV documentaries without subtitles, and even understand song words!
The method of the Canadian English Centre is very good. Besides the language, it teaches you how to improve your communication skills and speak fluently, with no accent! It is really wonderful!

Eduardo Calliari Ribas - Senior High-School Student at CEFET-PR


Much more then just speak in English, at Canadian English Centre You’ll find the ideal environment for learning. The classes are full of action and motivation. The drills are excellent. Everything fits perfectly to the needs of Brazilian students. As a student and teacher I’ve never seen any method as good as this. I’ve scored 560 in the TOEFL in two years and a half.

Claudimir Rebeika - Industrial Mechatronics Technology Course Coordinator - ENSITEC


Ray, I have some words to say about the Canadian English Centre! Sincerely, I myself can't believe how much my English has improved in only one semester! Really, your method is terrific and I'm looking forward to the beginning of the next semester.

Marlon Gleison Mecabo - IT Department - ABS Indústria de Bombas Centrífugas Ltda.


I would like to register my testimonial of your fantastic work with us, students of English. This method created by the Canadian English Centre consists of a fantastic strategy of fast and effective learning with extreme quality and excellence. My results this first semester have been very impressive. I recommend this school to everyone! My opinion is that The Canadian English Centre is the best school in Brazil!
Estimation Analyst - TATA Consultancy Services do Brasil S.A.

Vitor Hugo de Abreu - Estimation Analyst - TATA Consultancy Services do Brasil S.A.

Can I share with you something that made me really happy? I don't know if you know, but I've become a flight attendant! It was my dream since I was a little girl!

One of these days, I had to do the "Prepare for Landing" speech, both in Portuguese and in English.
Then, one passenger came to me and said that it was the best English speech he has ever heard from a flight attendant... I would like to share this compliment with you... since you're responsible for teaching me how to speak this wonderful language!
So thank you!!!

Alaíses Weber - Flight Attendant

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